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We are a top-rated opticians in Blackpool offering a comprehensive range of eye tests & efficient eyecare solutions for all age groups. Book an appointment!
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Opticians Burnley | Independent Eye Clinic | Eye Care Expert

About us 

Bubble Eyecare is an independent opticians in Burnley. Our home visiting and mobile optician service means if you struggle to leave your home unaccompanied, you can still have an eye test. Our optometrist will visit your home, ensuring you receive thorough eye care. Burnley, Nelson or Clitheroe there is always an optician near you.

We provide state-of the art eye care in Burnley. With over a decade of experience, we understand any concern, however little, makes an immense difference to not only the vision but quality of life. Eye health conditions like Glaucoma, AMD and cataracts can be detected by our mobile optician. Burnley and surrounding areas can benefit from the brilliant services offered by our Burnley optometrist.



What happens during an eye test?

An eye test with our independent opticians in Burnley, will be tailored to your specific needs. As your glasses will be measured by our Burnley optometrist to the exact distance you require them, e.g., watching TV or on a computer. You
can book your eye exam in Burnley, online or by calling our office on 01254 937322.

What should I expect at my eye exam?

Our mobile optician will call you an hour before they’re due to arrive. When the local optician from Burnley arrives they will set up the equipment around you, ensuring you are comfortable, whether you have mobility issues or are bedbound. At the beginning of the Burnley optician’s visit they will ask about your eye health history, giving them a good understanding of how best they can help you and your eyes. They will then perform the eye test at home using specialised portable equipment, ensuring your eyes are well looked after.

Where can I find opticians near me?

There is always an optician near you, but you’ve come to the right place. At Bubble Eyecare, we believe, regardless of your circumstances, you should always have access to opticians. Burnley, Nelson or Clitheroe your local mobile optician is always near you. Please call our office or book your free eye test in Burnley online.

How long does a home eye test take?

Every eye test in Burnley is different. Each patient will have different health requirements of varying complexity, but there is no need to worry. We will allow you as much time as necessary. You will not be rushed either during the test or when choosing your glasses.

Can I choose glasses at home?

Of course. After our free eye test at home in Burnley, if you would like new spectacles you can browse from over a hundred frames the optician will bring to you. After listening to your needs, the optician will explain the best frame and lens options for you or your loved one.

How do I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment with our home optician in Burnley is very simple. Either fill in the online booking form or call our office on 01254 937322.

Why choose a home visiting optician over a traditional eye clinic?

People who struggle with mobility issues may struggle to leave their home, which can sadly lead to missed appointments and neglected eye health. Our opticians in Burnley will come straight to your door, sparing you the trouble of a long journey or any unnecessary pain.

What are the possible signs of vision problems?

There are many signs that your vision may be suffering, and the sooner they can be identified, the more effective treatment will be. For example, if you find yourself seeing double, struggle to see in dimly lit environments or encounter a sudden sensitivity to light, it may be best to contact your nearest eye clinic. Burnley residents can contact us to arrange a home visit at their convenience.

Can blurry vision be cured?

Blurry vision is indicative of a number of health conditions or eye problems. In most cases, this can be cured with early attention and intervention. If you are suffering with this or have any concerns, our mobile optician in Burnley is available to help.

At what age does eyesight typically degrade?

Every patient is different, and like all health conditions, this will vary from person to person. As a general rule, eyesight begins to degrade after the age of 40 due to the natural aging process. This condition is commonly referred to as presbyopia and often requires the use of bifocals or reading glasses.

If this concerns you, feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment with our Burnley optometrist.

Do you have opticians near me?

As local opticians, Burnley is not the only place we visit. We also provide home visits to the areas of Preston, Blackburn, Lancaster, and most of West Lancashire.