Corporate Eye care - Bubble Eyecare
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Corporate Eye care

At In-House Mobile Opticians we can provide you with your very own “In-House” optical service to ensure that you comply with the 1992 Health and Safety Regulations (Display Screen Equipment).

If an employee uses a computer screen (VDU) then as the employer it is your responsibilty to provide;

A full eye examination by qualified optometrist’s which is what we are. A screening test alone does not satisfy the requirements.
Follow up eye examinations at intervals recommended by the optometrist.
Basic VDU corrective spectacles if required for VDU use.
We are fully aware of the costs involved when an employee is away from thier work station so to help companies save time and money we have created the following service.

We visit your work place and carry out on-site eye examinations.
We dispense the specatcles (if required) following the eye examination. We carry an extensive range of frames from basic to designer.
We deliver the spectacles once they are ready.
It really is that simple. We also offer a free aftercare service and a free engraving service (if required) to make sure that the spectacles do not get mixed up at work!